We’re planning an Educator Open House!

Please help us shape & plan what has the potential to be an incredible event! Play, learn, grow & network with us!

This event will be open to anyone who considers themselves an “educator” – teacher / professor at any level, RECE / ECE, EA, etc. – that wants to learn more about the Forest and Nature School (FNS) model and how to incorporate it into their teaching/setting.

This event is NOT for families interested in participating in our programs.

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IMPORTANT UPDATES FOR FALL 2021 – Please note that we are in the process of updating our website and working through registration for Fall 2021. We have also delayed the start of our Fall Session to September 27. For the most up-to-date information concerning our Fall 2021 session and how COVID-19 is affecting our programs, head our to Registration page!


In each of our programs, we strive to play, learn, and grow, and to build relationships to the land, each other, and ourselves through meaningful learning opportunities in a natural environment. Our team of dedicated and enthusiastic facilitators loves to learn alongside your child while they explore their curiosities and wonder at the ever-changing environment. We ask guiding questions that help to deepen a child’s curiosity and encourage opportunities to build confidence, resilience, and self-regulation. We do this through a child-led and play-based approach, and we follow an inquiry- or interest-based emergent curriculum (we dig deeper when and where there is interest with no predetermined “plan”).
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