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Rain gear for the whole family from Oakiwear

Wool for Warmth, Weather and Wellness from Warmth & Weather

  • Ongoing (with special Shop & Support weeks with a 10% discount & free shipping throughout the year)

  • DISCOUNT & FREE GROUP SHIPPING* until March 12 with code “KFNS23”   (*items will be shipped to Westbrook/Kingston)

  • 10% of every purchase is donated to KFNS

  • Link to order:

Outdoor gear for rain, sun, and everything in between from Jan & Jul

  • Discount & kickback with CODE until March 12, 2023

  • YOU save 10% on your purchase AND 10% of every purchase is donated to KFNS (only with use of our code)

  • Link to order:, use the code “gb230312kfn”

Sustainable outdoor gear made for forest schools and all-weather families from Maroke Outdoor Gear

The hassle-free way to grow healthy fruits and veggies for your family with Plantables

  • Ongoing (but place your orders in the Spring for ideal planting)

  • 10% of every purchase is donated to KFNS

  • Link to order:

Eco-friendly household products from Tru Earth

Personalized Labels and Tags from Oliver’s Labels

Community Asks – Items we are Seeking

Cash Donations via PayPal or e-transfer

Merino wool children’s clothing and sleepwear from Wee Woollies

  • Ongoing (for the 2023 calendar year)

  • DISCOUNT ONLY (not a fundraiser) – use the code “KFNS23” to save 15% on your order

  • Link to order: